Black and white portrait of Chevalien

Chevalien is the amplified whisper of an occult anthem seeping from the guts of a temple, abandoned to the pagan rites of aimless droids.

Hybrid, ethnic, epic, telluric, haunted - Chevalien’s music organically associates the chaotic process of composition with a tentacular register of influences. To mention a few : Kendrick Lamar, Treha Sektori, Slipknot, M.I.A, Lorn, Manson, Wardruna, Gesaffelstein, Tool, Alesia...

Through the palpitations of abyssal drums, the Coliseum’s roars and other para-religious mantras; he hands over a sound of surgical precision, with guttural energy, where a dark and mutinous rap clashes with an ethereal electronic music of apocalyptic moods, where alarms mingle with brass instruments and the venomous TR-808.

In the end, the contrasts speak for themselves in their collisions.

Today he releases his latest visions in a self-proclaimed genre Bath Music, and it takes the shape of the new SUNDERGROUND project.

colored portrait of Chevalien